Age of The Gods

Olexia Legends Book 0.1
Set thousands of years before Olexia Legends, Age of the Gods details the origin of magic itself. The Gods discover a limitless source of mysterious power, and it turns the divine brothers and sisters against one another in a brutal war, damaging the very world they exist to protect.


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Long ago, in The Age of The Gods, Olexia and its Gods were in perfect harmony. Then dark magic was discovered, creating a schism that split that harmony into pieces. Age of The Gods is one of many stories from ‘The Gidoia’ or ‘The Great Script’, a religious text revered by many Olexians from sea to sea.
In this short story, you will get a glimpse into what many Olexians believe to be the origin of magic.

A bonus short story from the world of Olexia.


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