The Delinquent Crown

Olexia Legends 1

Olexia is a wild and dangerous world.

A hastily written letter from their mother is all teen siblings Miri and Nick have to solve the secrets of their past. When they discover a portal to another realm, the mysteries continue to unravel.

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Miri and Nick choose their fate when they step through the portal. A shard of glass and a hastily-written letter from their mother are all they have to solve their puzzling past.

In Olexia Miri and Nick find danger and unlikely allies, and with their help, they learn to wield their newfound powers and find out the truth about Olexia’s buried secrets.

When the ruthless Council leader learns the siblings harbor a powerful artifact, he sends his bloodthirsty LaKaio soldiers to hunt them down at any cost.

With time running out and secrets about their past being revealed around every corner, Miri and Nick must decide if they’re going to hide away or rise up against the sinister leaders of Olexia.


Date Published : 09-21-2021
Pages (paperback) : 298
Edition : 2
ISBN (ebook): 978-0-9975859-4-0
ISBN (paperback): 978-0-9975859-5-7
ISBN (hardcover): 979-8478010348


Miri and Nick find that the strange world of Olexia may hold the key to unlocking their past.


Olexia is full of magic, mayhem, and dangerous foes that the siblings must overcome.


Miri and Nick must decide if they're ready to find out the truth about their past.