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The Delinquent Crown

Olexia Legends 1

Olexia is a wild and dangerous world.

A hastily written letter from their mother is all teen siblings Miri and Nick have to solve the secrets of their past. When they discover a portal to another realm, the mysteries continue to unravel.

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The Dormant Titan

Olexia Legends 2

Darkness stirs beneath the mountain.

A wicked power awakens inside Mendi Mountain, and teen siblings Miri and Nick must save the city from destruction, working with new and unlikely allies as they race to quell an ancient, unrelenting force.

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The Short Stories

Age of The Gods

Olexia Legends Book 0.1
Set thousands of years before Olexia Legends, Age of the Gods details the origin of magic itself. The Gods discover a limitless source of mysterious power, and it turns the divine brothers and sisters against one another in a brutal war, damaging the very world they exist to protect.


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The Legend of Mendi

Olexia Legends Book 0.2

Cattle farmer Liial lives a simple life—until wild beasts slaughter his entire herd. Revenge, hatred, and greed become Liial’s mission, and with a behemoth monster called the Ekora, he begins a hunt to right this wrong of nature.

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