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February 2019 Writing Prompts

Here are the prompts! Click the “Download” button for the printable version, or scroll down to copy and paste the prompts.

  1. Write about your breakfast like it’s a Shakespearean Tragedy.
  2. Start your passage with “There were only two seats left”
  3. Choose a character from the last TV show you watched and write about how they would react to the apocalypse.
  4. Write a newspaper article advertising a drug that cures hiccups but has terrible side effects.
  5. Write an alternate ending to your favorite book.
  6. Use “professor”, “trivial”, & “butterfly” in your passage today
  7. Tell the story about how you met your best friend.
  8. Larry, a Siberian tiger, loves bubblegum. Why?
  9. Write a list of sentences that were definitely not said in Abraham Lincoln’s lifetime.
  10. Write about a can of paint, a cat, & a car, in your passage today.
  11. You get a letter in the mail from your future grand-children. What does it say?
  12. Write all the words you can think of that start with the letter A.
  13. Start your passage with “I would have gotten the promotion, if it hadn’t been for…”
  14. Take a look around and choose an item in the room. Describe it like it’s the most amazing thing in the universe.
  15. Start your passage with “Obviously, the ostrich was dead, but it totally wasn’t my fault.”
  16. Using your most recent dream as a starting point, write about what would have happened next, if you hadn’t woken up.
  17. An old man stands in a room with green walls and has no idea how he got there. Write about what happens next.
  18. What would aliens think of us if they observed humans while we explored our moon?
  19. What would you do if everyone you went to kindergarten with suddenly showed up at your house?
  20. You are allowed one fictional character to come into your world for 1 day. Who do you choose and how do you spend the day?
  21. Write about a cowboy who is transported into a musical.
  22. Write about how the the color pink can be used to represent evil.
  23. End your passage with “…and that’s how I found out I was allergic to pears.”
  24. Open a book and flip to a random page. Point to it with your eyes closed and use whatever word you land on as the start of your passage.
  25. Choose a year in the past to time-travel to and write about what you might find.
  26. Poof! You just became a giant! Write about how your life is different now.
  27. Start your passage with “It was clear that she had a snake in her purse, but I wasn’t going to say anything.”
  28. Read through your prompts and write more about your favorite.

It would make my day to see your finished prompts! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter with a pic of your sheet or your favorite prompt! (@sydfaithauthor)