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Beta Readers Wanted!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Beta Reader for Legends of Olexia book 1!

Here is a summary of the plot.

Plagued by a painful and mysterious disease, 15-year-old Miri is determined to find her parents for answers. After years of searching she thinks she’s finally found a clue leading her and her 20-year-old brother Nick, to a seaside bookshop.

When Miri and Nick accidentally travel to the land of Olexia, they must learn to wield magic and control their newfound powers. Torn between trying to get home and following Miri’s psychic visions, the siblings do their best to stay alive, gaining friends and enemies in this wild and dangerous world filled with magic.

When Olexia’s highest leaders, the Council, learn Miri and Nick have a piece of a powerful artifact, the word danger takes on a whole new meaning for the siblings and their friends.

With time running out and secrets about their past being revealed around every corner, Miri and Nick must try to save themselves and Olexia, or die trying.

If you’re looking to receive an ARC/Review Copy, please click here to sign up for that.

Before you sign up to be a Beta Reader, here is some info about my process.

I’m looking for Beta Readers who love to read and talk about books!

Beta Readers will be sent a section of the book at a time (Via Google Docs) and are asked to read it within 7 days. Each section is short enough to read in one sitting (about 30 minutes). After reading their section, Beta Readers will chat via Facebook Messenger with me about what they just read. I’ll ask some questions about the plot, characters and what they liked and didn’t like.

A Beta Copy of the book has not been professionally edited, so there may be the occasional mistake. The Beta Reading process is to help the author find issues in their plot, characters and story. Beta Readers who complete the Beta Process will receive a free E-copy of the finished book.

To sign up to become a Beta Reader, please fill out this questionnaire. If you are chosen to be a Beta Reader, you will receive an email with instructions and the first section of the book. I’ll be doing my Beta Reader process in cycles of 10. After the first cycle fills up applicants will be placed on a list for the next cycle. The second cycle will begin a few weeks after the first cycle.