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April Writing Prompts – 2019

Here are the prompts! Click the “Download” button for the printable version, or scroll down to copy and paste the prompts.

  1. Start your prompt with “The first day of spring had never begun like this before.”
  2. If you were a “fly on the wall” in a gym, what might you hear?
  3. Use the words “musical ” & “pasture” today
  4. Grab the nearest book and flip to a random page. Use the first word you see as the starting point for your prompt today.
  5. Write about the most glutinous feast you can imagine.
  6. You wake up to find everyone in the world has ESP but you. What do you do?
  7. Start your prompt with “I know it’s taboo, but…”
  8. Take the main character from the last book you read and replace them with the main character in the last TV show you watched. How might that character change the outcome of the episode?
  9. A woman wakes up in the middle of a field surrounded by money with no idea how she got there. What happened?
  10. Listen to the sounds in your room. What else could be making those noises?
  11. Use the words “lock” & “stumble” today
  12. Start your prompt with “It had been weeks since anyone’d seen him, but I wasn’t gonna let him get away so easy.”
  13. You mysteriously become a cat. How will you get back to normal?
  14. You are a hermit. Write about your birthday party.
  15. Start your prompt with “Just eat the damn sandwich.”
  16. While walking through the woods, you stumble upon a pot of gold. What happens next?
  17. Write about a trash can, a bear, and a fashion designer.
  18. Go on social media, choose a photo, and make up a story behind it.
  19. What would you like to ask your descendants?
  20. If you had to care for 30 of one kind of animal for a week, what kind would you choose and why?
  21. Who is your least favorite celebrity? What would it be like to spend the day with them?
  22. Poof! You are now the leader of a cult! What do they worship?
  23. A Zebra, Fireman, and a Beautiful Woman walk into a bar…
  24. You come home one night to find your cat wearing a hat and speaking Spanish. What do you do?
  25. Take your favorite action hero and make them the villain in your favorite Disney movie.
  26. What if the dragon needed to be saved from the princess?
  27. If you had unlimited wishes, what would you wish for?
  28. Write about the most exciting thing you did as a kid.
  29. Who is your favorite celebrity? What would it be like to spend the day with them?
  30. Read through your prompts and write more about your favorite.

It would make my day to see your finished prompts! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter with a pic of your sheet or your favorite prompt! (@sydfaithauthor)